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Espresso Room & Brewery the best coffee beans from around the world freshly brewed so that you can enjoy a first class coffee. Visit us and enjoy a cup of coffee full of aroma and taste, which our baristas will freshly prepare for you. In our shop you can also select and purchase you coffee beans, which we can grind for you to take with you. Our Coffee beans are also available online for you to select at your own comfort, all you need is to register online with your name, address details and an email.

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Sourcing the finest quality beans from all over the world and creating good relationships with farmers allow us to have exeptional coffees to work with. We daily roast small batches to bring out all the potential of the bean to shine in your cup. Specially chosen for exact method of brewing we offer roasts of single origin, single estate and micro lot coffees for espresso, filter or ibrik use. Roasting and packing by hand makes all the way of the coffee to your cup really crafty and personally cared.
The ideal conditions for coffee trees to thrive are found around the world in along the Equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt,”. Everything from the variety of the plant, the chemistry of the soil, the weather, the amount of rainfall and sunshine, and even the precise altitude at which the coffee grows can affect the taste of the final product. These key variables, combined with the way the cherries are processed after being picked, contribute to the distinctions between coffees from countries, growing regions and plantations worldwide.

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